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Chapter 2. Send the Call out

The opening chapter of a book needs to hook your reader in, creating intrigue, suspense, lovable (or at least compelling) characters and interesting action. You remember us right?! ……Bike Boss and Bob who rode to London in a day?
Writing chapter one is a tough yet writing chapter two is even more of a challenge how can you develop further? This is a bit how we were left feeling after riding from Manchester to London ….how do you top that?! Given that I had pestered the Bike Boss for two years to ride M2L I said he could choose the next challenge…read on to see if he chose well!
So what have we been up to since we last spoke? Well we kept up our cake and biscuit eating so there is a couple of biscuit bellies to shift! I got the best ever wedding anniversary present of a Watt Bike Atom. What this has meant for the BIke Boss is that he has had to spend a large amount of time face timing me trying to explain how to use it, including on one occasion explaining which was my right and left hand. The face palm emoji has been over used as has the eye rolling one.

I now chase the BIke Boss around on Zwift. I am not sure the developers could ever have imagined the amount of support it needs to get a middle aged woman with the reverse Midas touch with technology to be able to ride in a virtual world. The word Muppet was used a lot and CAPITAL letters were used in messages (at work he claims it is because he is doing power point and not shouting….lame!) I got a winter bike, like proper cyclists have! I got a new Canyon Endurace at a brilliant price. I then realised that 7000 miles on lovely Lucy had lulled me into a false sense of security about my ability to ride a bike. My new Bike Donna – has gears. Real gears not Di2 . Dear lord the noise, the clanking. Riding up the Tor the BB mentioned a few times (like every few seconds) “not in a gear Susan” clank clank “not in a gear Susan”……I am moving forward so must be!! Much work has been done to establish if it is operator or mechanical …. take a wild guess.
The Bike Boss has made new cycling friends and very nice they are too…..top blokes and they assist with kicking my legs in sometimes. We have smart websites and a whole wardrobe full of gorgeous new PNS kit (Pas Normal Studio – cool Daneish brand!) all ready for the sun to come out.
Oh and the small mater of smashing our fundraising target and raising £2220 for Ambitious about Autism.
Winter riding needs something to take your mind off the cold and the wind so we get a “plot on” we have managed so far to come up with:
1. A team – with a name! I think you will be quite impressed but can’t share how many hours it took us!

2. A plan of events to do as a Team and with our most bestest cycling friends. First up is Velo Midlands closed roads smash fest to see how fast he can tow me! Then we are going to see how slowly I can process round the Yorkshire Dales 9,000 blooming foot of them with a crack team (I am thinking that weekend will supply a lot of Blog material)

3. The Bike Boss got to choose the main event – So this year we will be Chasing the Sun! An unsupported ride on the longest day from sun up to sun down. Isle of Sheppy (east coast I believe!) all the way to Burnham on Sea on the West coast. One side of this gorgeous Island to the other. What could be better!?

4. Oh and maybe something else ……..

And the team name……Team Wagon Wheelers. We do like a wagon wheel, and the strap line on the packet sold it. Epic inside. That’s how cycling from Manchester to London made us feel and what we hope our cycling adventures this year will deliver. It’s never about what is on the outside – although there is some pretty kit and nice bikes. Even the most shallow person I know acknowledges this.
And clearly you need a theme tune – so check out Lourde “Team” And you know, we’re on each other’s team

Click To Listen!

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