9th August – Today You Win

On the 9th August Thomas will be 18; it will be a momentous occasion. At 3:15pm the exact time he struggled into the world eyes wide open and screaming I will launch 🚀 “Today You Win”

It’s been a long hard road that has passed in the blink of an eye. I have raised a child to adulthood. For someone who struggles to get dressed correctly themselves this is an achievement. It will be the start of a new chapter for us both. I will be mothering an adult! And we will have a new venture to share and will collaborate with some amazing people.

We have made it – there have been ups and downs along the way and now is a good time to share some of what we have learnt. Overall I would say we have won. I have a man I am immensely proud of and I embarrass him most days #winning. In 18 years we have conquered all in terms of sporting achievements. Last week alone he played cricket 🏏 against two touring international teams, scored another senior 50, captained an adults cricket team whilst still a junior, played in the Wednesday Asian League – the only gora (white boy) to do so – and attended his last England 🏴handball camp, completing a two year achieving excellence in sports course.  This has meant he will not take a tablet out of my handbag 👜 (anti doping class impact!) We have come a long way baby from the boy who screamed at the first cricket session he was taken to, and still doesn’t like new activities! He missed a penalty in his first football final and I had to give the whole Gareth Southgate and Stuart Pearce story; a lesson in both sport,life and mothering! He is a national champion at handball 🤾and an amazing sports coach of tiny folks. He is a natural leader and captain and has captained football and cricket since he was 8 (10 years leadership experience already!) He is a defender, a winger, a batsman, a bowler and so so much more to me.

Sometimes I don’t recognise the man he has become. When I scan the field of play I am still looking for a little boy where a man now stands.

In every coaching interaction he has with a child there is an intent to make that child better at what they do.
It’s such a talent and so remarkable that it is often commented on by parents observing. In September this year he starts his career as a sports coach.

My own sporting career is no where near as stella, but I hope by sharing some of our experiences we can be of  help and support. I have tried to give Thomas every opportunity possible in sport. Even on the days when a cold wet touch line or freezing cold boundary has seemed unappealing we have shown up. In my opinion we have won the day as there has always been some good and something to learn. Often the learning point has been “mum – please do not shout c’om on darling from the side….” I have tried to set a positive example and show that dreams can become goals and be planned and delivered. Sometimes it has backfired like my first marathon where I got hyperthermia – it is known as the day Mummy went purple, or when I ran my first 10k and was beaten by a banana, or the London marathon where I failed to notice him hanging out of a tree at mile 18 due to being so focused on the blue line (shortest route)

So Today You Win is a testament to my child – now an adult. Let’s do this – let’s help each other, share our goals, cheer each other on.

Today You Win has two parts- the first is a resource to get you started. Some top tips, blogs on different topics, a few motivational songs, questions and answers to dip in and out of. The second part is a source of support – maybe a whatsapp group or individual chat. You might have a goal in mind you want to work on together or just have a lot of questions. There are things we can do together …like running and cycling; you might want a run buddy for your first race or to make sure your bike is in tip top condition and super comfortable, or you may have questions about your kids sporting endeavours – We can help.

Either way Thomas, me and the rest of the folks I have roped into helping with this will be right there with you!

So let’s see where this goes … happy birthday Tom Tom from the Mother Ship.

Could not be prouder, son. X

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