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Arse about Face. 

Warning there are numerous mentions of my arse in this blog ....however there are also plenty of references to dungarees, flat shoes, bikes, snot and clumsiness. On my birthday I landed on my face, it hit the pavement and since then I have been using the excuse "I have a head injury" to explain all… Continue reading Arse about Face. 

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And then there was Moo…..5hrs 47 mins 

12 years ago tonight I gave birth to Moo. There was no selfies, Instagram,Facebook, Twitter, or memory sharing facility so on this day none of my social media prompts me to "time hop" It was a time before cutie pregnancy pictures (I think there exists 1 picture of each of my pregnancies) no baby showers… Continue reading And then there was Moo…..5hrs 47 mins